It was planned during my last race of the season, but finally, the time arrived for a little adventure.  To round out 2016 Kat and I escaped to Europe for what was an awesome week between Christmas and New Years.

To be honest I was quite ready for a little getaway after getting a ton of training done since November.  Ben had me riding pretty solidly, and I smashed my consecutive days riding record out to exactly 50 days straight.  Yep, I even rode the day we flew out.

Our trip itinerary consisted of a handful of days in Barcelona and then onto London for New Years Eve.  Having been to neither before I was excited to experience new places, especially over the holiday period.  As with most travel outings, there were a few hiccups, the biggest one being my bag not arriving in Spain.  We were told it would be on the next flight the following day and would be delivered then so not a huge deal.  Well, most of that statement was true except we ended up collecting it ourselves from the airport three days later when we flew to London.  However thanks to American Airlines, I now have a few nice new clothing items in the closet after we were given a green light to go on a items replacement shopping trip.

Barcelona was a super cool city.  The fact that scooters ruled over cars, and everyone was more than happy to take two feet transport or two wheels to get from place to place made for a different feel than many other major cities I’ve visited.  The history, architecture, and culture, of course, all were amazing, and it seemed there were just endless pockets to explore.  One thing that struck both of us was quite simply the food tasted better. It was amazing that the simplest foods just had more flavor.  The cooking didn’t need to be as complicated as the ingredients stood alone.  Both Kathryn and I have some food allergies that weren’t an issue when we were bold enough to try how they compared against their US counterparts.  The days went quickly as we explored around and I was quickly inflicting borderline tendonitis in my feet from the amount of walking we did but it was so worth it.

Just one of the many cool graffiti artworks around the city.
I’m a sucker for a cool retro scooter. I could have filled a camera memory stick full of different ones but this sea foam green beauty took my fancy for this post.
The best smoothie I’ve had.  Sure the fancy fruit topping makes it look exciting, but the combo of dates, vanilla, chia seeds and almond milk inside was amazing.  Then again most blended drinks do after running for an hour.
The mismatched tire size was incredible for aerodynamics.

Soon it was time to ring in the New Year in London town.  What a crazy time of year to be in such a cool city.  Sure it was nice to be back in an English-speaking part of the world again, but there was a vibe in London that I really dug.  Maybe growing up with a taste of British culture from television shows broadcast in Australia, or the fact that a solid chunk of my music collection comes from this part of the globe had something to do with it but overall I had a great time here.

Not a bad brew at the Rapha Cafe.
Liam G’s clothing store.

So with the New Year ticking over it’s now back to work on the bike preparing for the ever approaching season.  The weather in Denver hasn’t been too kind the last week or so, with some crazy cold temperatures (-19C low anyone?) alongside a smattering of snow.  Needless to say, the training continues on, just indoors and going nowhere fast.  At least the days are getting longer now!

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